Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Devil in the Details: By K.A. Stewart



Every lost soul needs a champion.

Jesse James Dawson was an ordinary guy (well, an ordinary guy with a black belt in karate), until the day he learned his brother had made a bargain with a demon. Jesse discovered there was only one way to save his brother: put up his own soul as collateral, and fight the demon to the death.

Jesse lived to free his brother--and became part of a loose organization of Champions who put their own souls on the line to help those who get in over their heads with demons. But now experienced Champions are losing battles at a much higher rate than usual. Someone has changed the game. And if Jesse can't figure out the new rules, his next battle may be his last...


Let me first start this review by saying you cannot be properly prepared for A Devil in the Details. K.A. Stewart is a sensational writer who will soon work her way up to the level of recognition of Jim Butcher and Simon R. Green, and A Devil in the Details is her first work of pure excellence.

A Devil in the Details follows Jesse James Dawson; father, husband, and demon slayer for hire. Dawson’s job for those lucky enough to find him is to challenge the demon that his client has made an agreement with and win his client’s freedom. This may sound easy, but believe me, after reading some of the horrific details of Jesse’s fights it’s anything but.

Even though there are demons and contracts and such magic plays a very small role in this book. Those who are able to wield it (such as Jesse’s wife), are able to do only small things in comparison to the things we’ve come to expect in Green’s Nightside or Butcher’s Dresdan series.

And yet this lack of magic doesn’t hinder this book in the slightest. K.A. Stewart is a fantastic writer who really shows off her talent in this amazing book. Not only that but the plot and characters are simply fantastic, containing likable characters and setting up intricate plot lines that this book can barely contain.

But that’s not all. This book is released in paperback so not only are you getting a great book, but you’re getting it at a fraction of the price you would expect for something of this quality.

All that said, this is a must read for any fan of urban fantasy. K.A. Stewart is a sensational author and I truly expect to see her name in a few years right up there in the New York Times bestseller’s list. A terrific read.


10 out of 10


Publisher: Roc

Published: July 6, 2010

Price: $7.99

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