Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blade: Out of the Shadows: By Tim Bowler



Bleeding and dizzy, Blade wakes up to find himself in the hospital. But how did he get there? With enemies coming at him from all sides, it’s hard to know who attacked him. But he knows that whoever it was will be back to finish him off. And quick. So he’s gotta go. He’s gotta break outta there. Not only to save his own life, but there’s kindly old Mary and little Jaz to think about. Who’s looking out for them? On the run, with grinks hot on his tail and gravely injured, Blade will have to gather all his strength just to survive. And with nowhere to hide, he needs to run. Because this time, if he plays dead, that’s exactly how he’ll end up.


Blade is unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

Blade is written in a manner that will thrill even the most experienced mystery books, turning the usual monotonous plots and twists seen in mystery and action books into something new and creative.

To describe Blade you must stop thinking of it as a single category. Instead think of it as part action adventure, part an old build your own adventure novel where you’re part of the story, and part young adult (mostly because of the targeted audience and age of the protagonist, not the subject matter.)

It really is an odd reading experience. And is certainly not for everyone, but for those readers looking for something with a new twist. The Blade series certainly has it.

Blade: Out of the Shadows is the second in the Blade series and starts up directly after the first. It is enthralling, engaging, and an all about good read. Fans of the first Blade book will enjoy the twists and turns as new secrets are revealed and you learn more about Blade’s past and the secretive old woman who helped him the beginning of the series.

A fun summer read especially for middle to high schoolers.


6 out of 10


Publisher: Philomel

Published: June 24, 2010

Price: $16.99

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