Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Xisle: By Steve Augarde



Ever since the floods came and washed the world away, survivors have been desperate to win a place on X-Isle, the island where life is rumored to be easier than on what's left of the mainland. Only young boys stand a chance of getting in, the smaller and lighter the better. Baz and Ray are two of the lucky few to be chosen, but they soon discover that X-Isle is a far cry from paradise. Ruled by Preacher John, a dangerous religious fanatic, it's a violent, unpredictable place, where terrible things can happen at any moment. The boys hatch an extraordinary plan in order to protect themselves-the construction of a mighty weapon of defense. But can they complete this weapon in time, and are they really prepared to use it to secure their freedom?

Powerful and compelling, X-Isle is a fast-moving thriller and a great read for boys. Filled with suspense, fights, adventure, and mystery, this is a book that will keep you guessing right to the very end.


Imagine a world where most of the land has been destroyed by floods.

Humans are bundled together trying to survive in whatever way they can, clinging to the last vestiges of their previous lives, their old world.

Now imagine there is place that still seems to retain some semblance of order. A place where people get to eat three times a day, sleep in beds, and where the people there work towards creating a new world.

This is the legend of Xisle. Wouldn’t you want to be there?

Of course Xisle is nothing what it sounds like. Instead of being a place filled with peace and harmony, it is a work camp, where a mad god fearing man runs the boys he tricks into coming to the island to the bone. A place of deceit, pain, and betrayal. A place where animals and people alike are sacrificed, children are beaten, and where hope goes to die.

Welcome to the new world order.

Xisle is another follower of the Hunger Games’ success. It is a young adult novel about a futuristic dystopian society where children will do anything to survive.

And yet it truly was a great book. It has interesting characters, surprising twists, and plenty of action. Augarde really knows what he is doing as this book offers up just enough moral dilemma at the end of the book to create a captivating ending that will keep readers both happy and satisfied.

All in all Xisle is a fun and satisfying book. It was fast paced and offered up plenty of action. And while it does appear to ride on the coattails of Hunger Games, it is imaginative and engaging, making it a great summer read for kids and teens of all ages.


9 out of 10


Publisher: David Fickling Books

Published: July 13, 2010

Price: $17.99

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  1. Thanks so much for this great review - and also for putting it up on Amazon!

    I'm very glad that you enjoyed it.
    Best regards,
    PS. Had to Google 'Hunger Games' as I'm ashamed to say I'd never heard of it. But it validates my policy - never read when you're writing, or you'll surely be persuaded to change direction.