Monday, January 27, 2014

Once In a Blue Moon: By Simon r. Green



Twice upon a time, Prince Rupert and Princess Julia saved the Forest Kingdom.
They have earned the right to live happily ever after.
But there’s a blue moon on the rise....

Hawk and Fisher, famous for their years of keeping the peace in Haven, are really quite happy being legends. They gave up the hero business when they decided they’d grown too old for it. Now they run the Hero Academy, training young hopefuls to be heroes.

Legends never die, but it seems they cannot retire, either. Hawk and Fisher’s adult children, Jack and Gillian, have been kidnapped. They were taken by the Demon Prince, an old enemy from the Forest Kingdom who challenges the couple to one final battle for their lives. But Hawk and Fisher believe there’s another motive behind the abductions, one connected to a case they worked in Haven many years ago—a case they refuse to discuss.

They have no choice but to return to the Forest Kingdom, to be Prince Rupert and Princess Julia one last time in one last story—of the kind of things that happen only once in a blue moon....

First off I have to say that I love Simon r. Green. I love his Hawk and Fisher novels, his Nightside series, and his Secret Histories series (I’m not wild about his Ghost Finder series, but no one is perfect…)

But most of all I love Green’s Blue Moon books, Blue Moon Rising and Beyond the Blue Moon. So I was over the moon (pun intended) when I saw that he was writing another. And let me say Green does NOT disappoint with this final installment in the Blue Moon novels.

Once in a Blue Moon takes place close to a Century after the events of Beyond the Blue Moon. Hawk and Fisher had set up a school for heroes to be trained and have paced the teaching mantel to others over the years… Or so readers skeptically believe for the first few chapters. Soon into the novel readers will be happy to discover that Hawk and Fisher (AKA Rupert and Julia) are still alive and kicking (as well as biting, stabbing, and maiming), and are once again the protagonists just as readers always hoped they would be. The story soon returns these two heroes back into the throws of the Forest Kingdom where they are forced to undo the evil and mayhem of the Demon Prince.

As I mentioned before, Once in a Blue Moon is fantastic. There is tons of action to keep readers captivated and entertained, heaps of typical Simon r. Green humor that will have you giggling to yourself, more familiar faces than you could shake a stick at, and at 560 pages readers will get their money worth. In fact, the only downside is that this book should not be read before the other Blue Moon books in the series. Other than that I highly recommend Once in a Blue Moon to any fan of Simon r. Green and anyone looking for a fun read.

Publisher: Roc

Published: January 7, 2014

Price: $16.00

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