Monday, September 3, 2012

Call The Shots: By Don Calame



Coop is cooking up another sure-misfire scheme (big surprise), and this time the comedy plays out from Sean’s point of view. What’s the new master plan? Making a cheapo horror movie guaranteed to make Coop, Sean, and Matt filthy rich! It’s a terrible idea, and Sean knows it. But he actually is desperate for cash — and for a way to wipe that big fat off his girlfriend-less forehead. But when he agrees to write a script about the attack of zombie-vampire humanzees, he has no idea just how powerful a chick magnet this movie will be. Suddenly Sean is juggling not one but three interested ladies. There’s his accidental-girlfriend-turned-psychotic-stalker, Evelyn. There’s the wicked hot actress from drama class, Leyna, who seems willing to do anything to land the starring role. And even his twin sister’s gothed-out best friend, Nessa, is looking at Sean in a whole new way. Will any of them wind up as Sean’s true leading lady? Will Sean stop being a doormat and finally start calling the shots?


Call the Shots is fun, full of great characters, and is just a great light hearted read. Calame has done a fantastic job maintaining the perfect balance of awkward teenager and relatable/likable character. Of course readers of the previous two books in the series, Swim the Fly and Beat the Band, will rejoice in seeing their favorite rag-tag group of teens back again in this seemingly final book in the trilogy.

Of course, while I recommend to read the books in the order they were released, Calame has created a series where if necessary each book could stand on its own, perfect for readers to jump in at any moment.

Of course, besides fun characters, readers will crack up with Coop’s insane plans, which in past books has included everything from going to a nude beach (and seeing things they all wish they could forget), joining battle of the bands when none of them know how to play an instrument, and now in Call the Shots, shooting a horror movie on a $1000 budget to win at terror fest, a horror film festival in New York.

Really this book is fantastic for anyone looking for a light engaging read, where you’ll relate to the characters, have fun following in their insane plans, and be glued until the last page. All in all a great read that I’d easily recommend. 


Publisher: Candlewick

Published: September 11, 2012

Price: $16.99

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