Monday, August 6, 2012

A Wolf at the Door: By K.A. Stewart



Jesse James Dawson was once an ordinary man until he discovered that demons were real, and fighting them meant putting his own soul on the line. His new case is a beauty: Gretchen Keene, a Hollywood starlet who's become an unwitting catalyst in an all-out demon war. It's not her soul Jesse needs to protect, but the two-hundred-and-seventy-six others she's carting around--all the souls sold to spend just one night with the blonde bombshell. That's a lot of baggage, although it might explain her meteoric rise to fame. And it's all up for grabs by the demon world.

All Jesse has to do is keep her safe until New Years. Sounds easy.  But darkness is casting a nasty shadow in the California sun--a new unseen enemy is closing in and leaving Jesse to wonder, how do you fight something you can't see coming?


I’ve been a fan of K.A. Stewart since her first book A Devil in the Details, it and each of her successive books are sharp, action-packed, filled with the slightest bit of humor, and above all else well written and captivating. But while the other two books A Shot in the Dark and A Devil in the Details are great books, I honestly believe A Wolf at the Door is her best yet.

A Wolf at the Door, opens the door to larger questions in the series. What is the demon war raging on, who exactly is Ivan, and what exactly is magic.

But if these greater story arcs and mysterious questions are not enough for you, this book also contains enough action to keep even the most jaded of action junkies satiated. Jesse has to fight monsters in a way that he’s never had to fight before, and while there weren’t any normal champion bouts fought by Jesse, there was still plenty of action between his fights with the other creature sent at him.

For those of you who haven’t read this book, you should, but only after reading the first two books in the series. This is not a book that will be nearly as well appreciated without the proper knowledge and setting in place brought on from knowing what happened before it. That said each book is well written, action-packed, and full of interesting and fun characters (especially Jesse and Axel). Fans of Kevin Hearne will absolutely love this and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking for an utterly engrossing book that will leave them shaking for more.


Publisher: Roc

Published: August 7, 2012

Price: $7.99

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