Sunday, February 19, 2012

DJ Rising: By Love Maia



The first thing I hear is music. The first thing I've always heard is music.

Meet Marley, an unassuming high school junior who breathes in music like oxygen. In between caring for his heroin-addicted mother, and keeping his scholarship at a fancy prep school, he dreams of becoming a professional DJ.

When chance lands Marley his first real DJ job, his career as "DJ Ice" suddenly skyrockets. But when heart-rending disaster at home brings Marley crashing back down to earth, he is torn between obligation and following his dreams.


With the increase in band related YA books, it’s hard to sort through the pile of junk out there to find the gems.

I can say that after having read DJ Rising, this here is a gem.

DJ Rising is more than just a book about music and a kid discovering himself through the processes with everything working out hunky dory in the end. This is a touching book about the hardships that those children unfortunate enough to be born into horrible situations that they have to deal with every single day, and the single ray of hope that helps some of them survive.

Of course this book isn’t great just because of the situation and writing, the characters are also fantastic. The author, Maia, does a extraordinary job establishing a relatable protagonist in Marley. Marley is everything a reader could want in a protagonist; he’s strong, caring, talented, and fallible. And it’s all of these characteristics as well as Maia’s fantastic writing, that makes Marley one of the best features of the book.

All in all DJ Rising is a truly fantastic book. The narrative is captivating, the description of music/DJing is mesmerizing and unique, and the characters well developed and interesting. But most importantly DJ Rising is book that will touch you to your core, and will captivate you in the process, making it a must read.

9 out of 10


Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Published: February 6, 2012

Price: $17.99

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