Monday, January 23, 2012

Graffiti Moon: By Cath Crowley



Senior year is over, and Lucy has the perfect way to celebrate: tonight, she's going to find Shadow, the mysterious graffiti artist whose work appears all over the city. He's out there somewhere—spraying color, spraying birds and blue sky on the night—and Lucy knows a guy who paints like Shadow is someone she could fall for. Really fall for. Instead, Lucy's stuck at a party with Ed, the guy she's managed to avoid since the most awkward date of her life. But when Ed tells her he knows where to find Shadow, they're suddenly on an all-night search around the city. And what Lucy can't see is the one thing that's right before her eyes.


Graffiti Moon is fantastic book.

After reading the first few pages I knew I’d enjoy the book as it’s clearly well written but what I didn’t count on was how strong and emotionally charged the descriptions of the art work were. It was like reading about the masterpieces of our times from the minds of the creators. I know that sounds like a stretch but the thought processes of the art and the descriptions really were superb.

Of course if you’re looking for something more than just fantastic descriptions of interesting and deep art and well written and engaging poems then you can still enjoy Graffiti Moon as Crowley does a fantastic job creating an engaging story about the night of graduation between six friends that will leave readers absolutely riveted. The story is a combination of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist with deeper under roots, and a love of art. The similarity to Nick and Norah comes from the girls in Graffiti Moon spending the night looking for the infamous Shadow (similar to Nick and Norah looking for the band) and the love and adventure that all take place in one night.

Between the art descriptions and Leo’s poems I was hooked. That said there was so much more about this book that made it a must read. The characters were well developed and complex. The situations deep and engaging. And the story just well written and fast paced. This book did not take me long to read as the minute I picked it up I couldn’t put it down, and it’s because of this and the reasons listed above that I’d have no trouble recommending this book to anyone looking for a well written engaging book.

9 out of 10


Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

Published: February 14, 2012

Price: $16.99

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