Thursday, January 13, 2011

Subject Seven: By James A. Moore



Years ago, scientists began developing the ultimate military weapon: deadly sleeper assassins housed within the bodies of teenagers. Now, Subject Seven, the dangerous alter-ego living inside a 16-year-old boy, has escaped the lab and is on a mission. His objective? To seek out others like him and build an army capable of destroying their creators.

Hunter, Cody, Gene, Tina, and Kylie: five teenagers leading typical lives, until the day they each receive a call from a mysterious strangerÑand learn that their destinies are intertwined. Subject Seven holds the key that connects them all. And a vicious, bloody battle for their lives is just beginning.


When I read the description for Subject Seven I was pretty excited. It seemed like it was exciting, action driven, and had just enough of a science fiction element to make the books really great. Now after having read it I would say Subject Seven a fun exciting book, but to truly review it you have to almost break the book up into the first half and the second half of the book.

To me the first half of Subject Seven was gritty, jumpy, and almost seemed unnecessary in parts. There was so much anguish for the kid characters (especially Hunter), and most of the action wasn’t seen, but was instead witnessed after the fact, with readers only seeing the outcomes of these blood and gore rampages. To me the first half of the book was about a 6-6.5 out of 10.

Of course the second half of the book is where it finally starts to get interesting. The characters meet up, and the reader finally get some real dialog and interaction between characters instead of just a one sided bought of confusion on how they got there. Also, once the characters are together we’re able to see the action while it’s happening. Not only that but a new level to the mystery is added with the addition of two alphas in the group (can’t say more than that.) Between the increased action, the increased character interaction, and the heightened level of mystery introduced in the second half of the book I would give the second half of Subject Seven a 9.

Of course this is the first book in a series and so you have to account for that when looking at the first part of the book. Because of that I would say that this is an exciting book that seems to be the lead-up to an adrenaline filled exciting series, and that readers should get through the first half of the book because the second half is worth the wait.

8.5 out of 10


Publisher: Razorbill

Published: January 20, 2011

Price: $9.99

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