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A Hard Day's Knight: By Simon R. Green



ohn Taylor is a P.I. with a special talent for finding lost things in the dark and secret center of London known as the Nightside. He's also the reluctant owner of a very special-and dangerous-weapon. Excalibur, the legendary sword. To find out why he was chosen to wield it, John must consult the Last Defenders of Camelot, a group of knights who dwell in a place that some find more frightening than the Nightside.

London Proper. It's been years since John's been back-and there are good reasons for that.


Fans of Simon R. Green may have been a little disappointed with his Ghost of Chance novel this year, but don’t lose faith just yet because Green’s latest in the Nightside series, A Hard Day’s Knight, is fantastic!

I had been losing a little interest in the Nightside series lately, I felt like since the Lilith wars, John Taylor hadn’t had any big surprises or quests to deal with. Yes, he did defeat demons and gods, but he seemed to indestructible to beat. Of course when you introduce King Arthur into the picture then everything gets a whole new look. But besides introducing the gallant King Arthur, A Hard Day’s Knight also introduces some very surprising and interesting twists to the series. I can’t say what they are but it will definitely effect that rest of the series in a significant way.

Of course besides these new characters and twists in the overall story, I felt A Hard Day’s Knight was a better story overall compared to some of the most recent books in the series. Fans of the series will get back to what they initially loved about the series, tricks, magic, violence, and a sarcastic wit. We finally get to see Taylor back in the real world and have to face down some thugs without his magical gift. Suzie gets to play a bigger part in this story than she has in the last few books, and I found the overall wit and tone of the book much more to my liking.

Of course if goes without saying (but of course I will say it) that readers who haven’t read the series should start from the beginning of the series, but overall I very much enjoyed A Hard Day’s Knight, and I can’t wait for the next book in this revitalized series.

9 out of 10


Publisher: Ace Hardcover

Publisher: January 4, 2011

Price: $25.95

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