Friday, October 15, 2010

The Goblin Gate: By Hilari Bell



He's willingly crossed over to the Otherworld with a hedgewitch named Makenna and her legion of goblins. What Tobin doesn’t know is that the Otherworld is a perilous dimension that leeches magic from those who have it—and life from those who don’t. In order to save his brother, Jeriah must find a way to open a mystical gate between the worlds.

Searching for the key to rescue Tobin from the clutches of the Otherworld, Jeriah is thrust into a tangled web of political intrigue as he uncovers a dangerous secret that could change the fate of an entire kingdom. Now he must get help from the very beings he’s been taught to hate—the mischievous goblins. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for Tobin. . .


Every few years there comes an author that strikes home with such precision that they remembered for years. These authors have inspired loyalty to such a degree from their readers that these readers follow the author’s books between genres and series.

Hilari Bell is such an author. She has written a number of fantastic novels including, The Shield, Sword, and Crown series, The Knight and Rouge series, The Farsala Trilogy, The Prophecy, The Wizard Test, A Matter Of Profit, Song of Power, and now The Goblin Wood Trilogy, each of them better than the last.

In her latest novel The Goblin Gate, Bell revisits the plot of an old standalone novel that was never resolved completely, The Goblin Wood. Although it has been years since readers have entered Makenna and Tobin's world fans expecting a novel just as fantastic as the first will not be disappointed.

The Goblin Gate begins moments after The Goblin Wood ends, but this time instead of Makenna and Tobin being the main characters, the story follows Tobin’s younger brother Jeriah, as he tirelessly works to save his brother from the impending doom he has forsaken himself to by entered the new world. Fans expecting more interactions between of Makenna and Tobin such as in The Goblin Wood should not be disappointed though, while of Makenna and Tobin only appear in small inter-chapters between Jeriah’s quest, their tenuous situation builds throughout the book, ending with a predicament that will have fans dying to find out what happens next in The Goblin War (the third book in this trilogy.)

Bell once again does a amazing job creating and developing her characters and situations in The Goblin Gate. But even more impressive than the mere building of the characters is the dialog Bell crafts for her characters. Jeriah and Cogswhallop each possess such distinct and individual voices that readers will feel as if they are speaking to a friend by the end of the book, instead of reading the exchanges between two characters. Readers will delight in reading these interchanges as they and Bell’s fantastical imagination are some of the key reasons why Bell is such a revered author.

Thus it is because of Bell’s creativity, character development, tenuous situations, and level of writing that she is read and revered by fans and colleagues alike. Because of this I advise anyone looking for a good book to read The Goblin Wood and then The Goblin Gate, for this really isn’t a series you’ll want to miss.

10 out of 10


Publisher: HarperTeen

Published: October 12, 2010

Price: $16.99

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