Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bloodthirsty: By Flynn Meaney



Some vampires are good. Some are evil. Some are faking it to get girls.

Awkward and allergic to the sun, sixteen-year-old Finbar Frame never gets the girl. But when he notices that all the female students at his school are obsessed with a vampire romance novel
called Bloodthirsty, Finbar decides to boldly go where no sane guy has gone before-he becomes a vampire, minus the whole blood sucking part.

With his brooding nature and weirdly pale skin, it's surprisingly easy for Finbar to pretend to be paranormal. But, when he meets the one girl who just might like him for who he really is, he discovers that his life as a pseudo-vampire is more complicated than he expected.

This hilarious debut novel is for anyone who believes that sometimes even nice guys-without sharp teeth or sparkly skin-- can get the girl.


Are you tired of vampire books? Well Flynn Meaney certainly is.

In her debut novel, Bloodthirsty, Meaney introduces us not to a dark and cold night, with a pale, gaunt, yet strikingly handsome young vampire, but to Finbar, a pale, skinny, non-athletic teenage boy, who happens to be smart, kind, and incredibly unpopular. Finbar’s undesirable qualities are even more apparent when contrasted with his handsome, popular, and athletic twin brother Luke, (he even got a better name), who also happens to be the football star at their old high school.

Now after having moved to New York, Finbar decides to reinvent himself, and what better thing to reinvent yourself as than the most popular, sexiest thing out there, a vampire. So he works on his brooding stare, stays out of the sun (not to hard as he’s actually allergic to it), and remains blasé. But when Finbar actually meets a girl who may like him for him, he has to decide whether to keep up the charade, or risk exposing his geeky unpopular side.

All in all Bloodthirsty was a good book. I actually wasn’t expecting it to be original or good, but it really surprised me with its original storyline and good pace. The characters were well developed, the plot wasn’t so hokey that I couldn’t follow the story (I was expecting this to be the problem, but it really wasn’t), and the book was well written. It’s not going to appeal to everyone, and I’m sure some people wont even pick up the book from looking at the title, but this really is a fun young adult book, and I think if those hesitant to pick it up should give it a chance, Bloodthirsty wont let them down. As for me I can’t wait for Meaney’s next book to come out.


8 out of 10


Publisher: Poppy

Published: October 5, 2010

Price: $9.99

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