Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Adamantine Palace By: Stephen Deas

The Adamantine Palace


The power of the Realms depends on its dragons. With their terrifying natures, they are ridden by the aristocracy and bred for hunting and war. But as dangerous political maneuverings threaten the complacency of the empire, a single dragon has gone missing. And even that one dragon-returned to its full intelligence and fury-could spell disaster for the Realms...


I’ve been excited to read The Adamantine Palace ever since I first read the synopsis on Amazon a few weeks ago. Now, after reading The Adamantine Palace I can say it doesn’t disappoint.

The Adamantine Palace’s plot contains an exhilarating mix between political subterfuge and the fantastical rebellion of both dragons and outlanders, the people that live outside the kingdoms. These two plot lines mixed seamlessly throughout the book, and the process of jumping back and forth between the different characters offers an interesting and insightful viewpoint into what the other characters are thinking, showing like real life people don’t know everything that is going on.

But what I like most about The Adamantine Palace was the level of excitement that accompanies each moment of the book. This excitement grows with each page causing the reader to literally sit at the edge of their seat waiting for the exciting conclusion.

In fact, the only thing I found a problem with was the immense number of characters that the book switches between in the first few chapters. I initially found this confusing and felt it detracted from the overall story. This is of course rectified as the book continues and as characters die off, but it can be a tad daunting for readers who have just started the book.

Of course for all its benefits and flaws, this book is part of a series and so the reader is left with more questions than answers at the end of The Adamantine Palace. But the foundation is set and the anticipation palpable, and I, myself can’t wait for the sequel The King of the Crags.


Publisher: Roc

Published: February 2, 2010

Price: $24.95

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