Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nightwise: By R.S. Belcher



In the more shadowy corners of the world, frequented by angels and demons and everything in-between, Laytham Ballard is a legend. It's said he raised the dead at the age of ten, stole the Philosopher's Stone in Vegas back in 1999, and survived the bloodsucking kiss of the Mosquito Queen. Wise in the hidden ways of the night, he's also a cynical bastard who stopped thinking of himself as the good guy a long time ago.

Now a promise to a dying friend has Ballard on the trail of an escaped Serbian war criminal with friends in both high and low places―and a sinister history of blood sacrifices. Ballard is hell-bent on making Dusan Slorzack pay for his numerous atrocities, but Slorzack seems to have literally dropped off the face of the Earth, beyond the reach of his enemies, the Illuminati, and maybe even the Devil himself. To find Slorzack, Ballard must follow a winding, treacherous path that stretches from Wall Street and Washington, D.C. to backwoods hollows and truckstops, while risking what's left of his very soul . . . .


R.S. Belcher is a great writer who clearly has a dark dark soul.

Are you looking for a dark book filled with action, mayhem, tons of magic and a schmrgisborg of complex and damaged characters? Well then look no further than R. S. Belcher’s Nightwise.

Nightwise has magic battles, a heist on the US Treasury, gun fights, and even deals with the devil. And surprisingly the devil is one of the more happy go lucky character of the book.

Speaking of characters, Belcher does a great job creating utterly fascinating characters who have clawed and fought for every grain of power and identity that they currently have. And its hearing these backstories and discovering what makes these characters tick that is the true genius of Night Wise. In fact, Belcher reveals the details of his characters backstories so subtly that readers wont even recognize that their perspective of the characters has substantially shifted until something happens to them. Laytham is the central character to look for in this transformation. Laytham’s backstory is heartbreaking, cruel and captivating to the point of that readers will actually want to go back and find out more about his past as opposed to find out what is happening in the current life or death situation.

Which speaking of life of death stuations, as mentioned before Nightwise is full of magic, action and gore. This book is not for the light of heart, nor is it for fans who want a likable protagonist in which everything turns out fine. This book takes its tolls on the characters and perfectly sets these damaged characters up for a ride in a second book in the series. I’m not sure if there will be a second book, but I can say for certain that if there is then I’ll be first in line to check it out.

All in all a dark, fascinating tale that is perfect for fans of Mike Carey, Richard Kadrey or Constantine. 


Publisher: Tor Books

Published: August 18, 2015

Price: $26.99

Link to Buy: http://www.amazon.com/Nightwise-R-S-Belcher-ebook/dp/B00SRQ0DOW/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1449192575&sr=1-1&keywords=nightwise

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