Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Sorcerer Heir: By Cinda Williams Chima



The delicate peace between Wizards and the underguilds (Warriors, Seers, Enchanters, and Sorcerers) still holds by the thinnest of threads, but powerful forces inside and outside the guilds threaten to sever it completely. Emma and Jonah are at the center of it all. Brought together by their shared history, mutual attraction, and a belief in the magic of music, they now stand to be torn apart by new wounds and old betrayals. As they struggle to rebuild their trust in each other, Emma and Jonah must also find a way to clear their names as the prime suspects in a series of vicious murders. It seems more and more likely that the answers they need lie buried in the tragedies of the past. The question is whether they can survive long enough to unearth them. Old friends and foes return as new threats arise in this stunning and revelatory conclusion to the beloved and bestselling Heir Chronicles series.


Well, Cinda Williams Chima has done it again. The fifth book in the Heir Chronicles, Sorcerer Heir is absolutely fantastic.

Whether you are looking for action, magic, or romance, this book has it all.

Of course, besides an engaging plot and a fascinating magic system (including an interesting take on zombies) Chima's greatest accomplishment in this book are her characters.

Of her characters, Chima has done an amazing job showing the change that time and experience can make in a person. Not wanting to give anything away, characters who originally appeared evil, selfish and unredeemable in previous books in the series are not remorseful and likable. Of course, the remarkable thing about this is not the change itself, but instead the completely plausible way in which the transformation occurs. Chima has eased this character evolution along slowly, over the course of multiple books, flushing out the character's personality and character motivations to the point that readers while they still will not approve of the character's actions in the beginning of the series, will thoroughly enjoy their presence now.

Of course, speaking of character motivations, (which is something else that Chima has done a fantastic job on in this book) creating believable back stories for the terrible and hurtful decisions that the "villains" did over time. Whether it be the reason for the poisoning, murder, or even plans of genocide, all when looked at through the eyes of the character who did it have glimpses of rational and relatable behavior.

All in all this, like Cinda Williams Chima's other books, is a masterpiece in characterization. Fans of the previous books in the series will greatly enjoy seeing old faces and new characters are given a chance to be flushed out, offering readers a chance to be swept away in their stories. Between the magic, action, and characters, there is very little not to like about The Sorcerer Heir. Overall, a must buy series and book.


Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Published: October 21, 2014

Price: $15.43

Link to Buy: http://www.amazon.com/Sorcerer-Heir-Chronicles-Book-ebook/dp/B00NAJOPLI/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1421807180&sr=1-3&keywords=cinda+williams+chima

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