Friday, August 29, 2014

The Winter Long: By Seanan McGuiure



Toby thought she understood her own past; she thought she knew the score.

She was wrong.

It's time to learn the truth.


The first thing I have to say about Seanan McGuire is that her October Daye series gets better with each book. While I’ve liked each book, I’ve found that with each successive book in the series the overall series and each book got better, to the point that now when a new book in the series comes out I have to immediately go buy a copy and often finish it that day.

The Winter Long is no exception to this.

Not only is The Winter Long a riveting mystery filled with more action, magic, and drama than you could swing a Cait Sidhe at, but it also finally answers many of the questions that were posed in the first book in the series.

On top of it all McGuire has done something I’ve seen only a precious few other authors do successfully, turn their entire world upside down. That’s what The Winter Long is, it’s a complete reversal from everything readers and fans of the series have known from the first book in the series. This is the turning point and while McGuire has built upon changes created from previous books in the series, she executed a perfect shift for the others leaving readers utterly unable to control their collective jaws from dropping.

This summersault of the story is not jarring though, McGuire has done a fantastic job balancing the events so that it is possible, believable, and yet still shocking to readers. Thus tricking readers and leaving fans of the series shocked and surprised, a truly magnificent feat for an 8th book in a series.

Through all of this McGuire leaves her readers stymied and eagerly awaiting the next installment in the series, and if that isn’t the sign of a fantastic book than I don’t know what is. I highly recommend.


Publisher: DAW

Published: September 2, 2014

Price: $5.99

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