Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Chosen: By Benedict Jacka



Alex Verus is a diviner who can see probable futures—a talent that’s gotten him out of many a tough scrape. But this time, he may be in over his head. Alex was once apprenticed to a Dark mage, and in his service he did a lot of things he isn’t proud of.

As rumors swirl that his old master is coming back, Alex comes face to face with his misdeeds in the form of a young adept whose only goal is to get revenge. Alex has changed his life for the better, but he’s afraid of what his friends—including his apprentice, Luna—will think of his past. But if they’re going to put themselves at risk, they need to know exactly what kind of man they’re fighting for…


I really liked the first three books in the Alex Verus series. I thought they were full of action, had a great protagonist, and most importantly entertaining. But I have to say compared with this newest installment in the series, Chosen, the rest of the series were all flat and dull by comparison.

I don’t mean that to be an insult to the first three books, as I mentioned I really liked the Fated, Cursed, and Taken. What I mean by this is that that Chosen was just that good.

First off, Chosen has nonstop action going for it. We get to see Alex in action in what felt like every third chapter. On top of that we get to see Luna final strut her new magical skills and kick butt, heck even Sonder got into the fray a bit.

But what I found most impressive about Chosen was how well Benedict Jacka tied many of the events together from the previous three books and really started the larger story arc going. To get the larger story arc going Jacka introduces readers to Alex’s past. Readers are given the dirt on Alex’s dark roots as the events from his past come back to haunt him as a group of adepts attempt to hunt him down for the crimes he committed when he was younger. But most interesting about Alex’s roots are not that he has them, but in how his friends and others react to his past.

Of course on top of that Jacka also does a fantastic job of confounding the distinctions of dark mages and light mages as you get in the heads of some young dark mages (I wont say who because that would give it away) and you can see the reason they behave the way they do, as well as the corruption of the light mages through the Council.

All in all, I loved Chosen. It had action, a fantastic protagonist, was fast paced, and started a larger story arc going that left me craving more of the series. If you like urban fantasy or books that leave you eagerly awaiting the next in the series, then definitely check out Chosen.


Publisher: Ace

Published: August, 27, 2013

Price: $4.79

Link to Buy: http://www.amazon.com/Chosen-Alex-Verus-Benedict-Jacka/dp/0425264920/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1377588063&sr=8-7&keywords=chosen

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