Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wake of the Bloody Angel: by Alex Bledsoe



Twenty years ago, a barmaid in a harbor town fell for a young sailor who turned pirate to make his fortune. But what truly became of Black Edward Tew remains a mystery—one that has just fallen into the lap of freelance sword jockey Eddie LaCrosse.

For years, Eddie has kept his office above Angelina’s tavern, so when Angelina herself asks him to find out what happened to the dashing pirate who stole her heart, he can hardly say no—even though the trail is two decades old. Some say Black Edward and his ship, The Bloody Angel, went to bottom of the sea, taking with it a king’s fortune in treasure. Others say he rules a wealthy, secret pirate kingdom. And a few believe he still sails under a ghostly flag with a crew of the damned.

To find the truth, and earn his twenty-five gold pieces a day, Eddie must take to sea in the company of a former pirate queen in search of the infamous Black Edward Tew…and his even more legendary treasure.


I've been a fan of the Eddie Lacrosse series since it first began with The Sword Edged Blonde. Eddie is witty, brave, strong, and experienced enough not to be a complete idiot bumbing into battle, while at the same time finding himself in a number of scrapes and situations, usually making for amazing adventures.
The other characters that Bledsoe has introduced over the series have also been interesting and have added to the story and ambiance in interesting ways. But my favorite of these side characters has to be Angelina who readers see in every book and who we know almost nothing about.
Wake of the Bloody Angel opens with a no hold barred adventure into Angelina's past. Reader's will be shocked and giddy with the secrets uncovered, secrets so dark and buried as to rival Eddie's own. Of course reader's will also rejoyce with the reintroduction of Jane to the series. Jane is tough, complicated, and leathal, and who better to lead Eddie to the seas to catch a pirate than a pirate, turned pirate catcher, turned sword jockey.

Of course while the characters are well written and fun, the main attrations to this book are the action and the mystery, and this book just so happens to have them in droves. Eddie is forced to fight pirates, discover who or what leaving only dead empty ships floating in the sea with only the medical chests taken, and find one of the most famous treasures in all of history. All in a days work for this sword jockey.
All in all, Wake of the Bloody Angel was a fast fun read. It gave me and will give readers all that was expected and more. I found myself finishing it with two days just because I had trouble putting it down. There were swashbuckling adventures, monsters, and shocking discoveries that shake the foundations of the some of the main characters. A great summer read that I would have no trouble recommending.
Publisher: Tor
Published: July 3, 2012
Price: $14.99

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