Thursday, May 24, 2012

No Safety In Numbers: By Dayna Lorentz



A biological bomb has just been discovered in the air ducts of a busy suburban mall. At first nobody knows if it's even life threatening, but then the entire complex is quarantined, people start getting sick, supplies start running low, and there's no way out. Among the hundreds of trapped shoppers are four teens.

These four different narrators, each with their own stories, must cope in unique, surprising styles, changing in ways they wouldn't have predicted, trying to find solace, safety, and escape at a time when the adults are behaving badly.


I was shocked with No Safety in Numbers.

The biggest surprise in my opinion, and this doesn’t give away anything, was that this is the first in a series, and not a stand alone book. I was shocked by this, and can’t wait to see where the series takes the characters.

Speaking of characters, Lorentz does a fantastic job creating engaging characters that really keep the story going. In my opinion it’s the characters that make the book what it is. Unlike most books with rotating narrators, readers will not be bored or dread having to read a particular narrators story. All of the different stories, wither it be based on making friends, survival, or young love are all fascinating and will leave readers itching for more. Further, each of the characters are relatable and interesting making it easy for readers to understand the terror that the characters themselves feel in the story. Of course besides the horror, the book also explores the more mundane aspects of a quarantine, the boredom, the looting, the gangs, and the initial excitement from escaping a normal days work/school.

All in all, No Safety in Numbers was exciting and tense. It leaves readers on the edge of their seats and heavily anticipating the next in the series. Most importantly though, the characters are interesting and well written. Because of them and the tense nature of the book this is defiantly an exciting summer read that readers will enjoy. 


Publisher: Dial

Published: May 29, 2012

Price: $17.99

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  1. I found the book good at the beginning, then something happened that I lost interest... :-(