Sunday, March 18, 2012

Curveball The Year I Lost My Grip: By Jordan Sonnenblick



Sometimes, the greatest comebacks take place far away from the ball field.

Meet Peter Friedman, high school freshman. Talented photographer. Former baseball star. When a freakish injury ends his pitching career, Peter has some major things to figure out. Is there life after sports? Why has his grandfather suddenly given him thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment? And is it his imagination, or is the super-hot star of the girls' swim team flirting with him, right in front of the amazing new girl in his photography class?


I’ve been a fan of Jordan Sonnenblick for years, ever since he wrote Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie. In my opinion, he’s one of the best non-genre YA writer out there. His books are ALWAYS filled with fantastic characters, touching stories, and are incredibly well written.

That being said, Curveball The Year I Lost My Grip, is no exception to Sonnenblicks other great books. In fact, just liked the characters in Sonnenblick’s other books, the protagonist Peter, his best friend AJ, and his grandfather are all fantastic characters. They are relatable, realistic, and likable. Of course besides being fun characters to read about they also grow in realistic yet significant ways. No character is two dimensional, and each had enough spark and life to them that they could have their own book written about them if Sonnenblick had wanted.

Of course besides having fantastic characters the story itself was interesting and well written. Curveball speaks on a number of important issues. It touches on losing the thing that most defines you, rediscovering who you are, viewing life through another’s eyes, and even the struggles of Alzheimer’s disease. Of course, it does all of this while maintaining a speedy pace and while creating an interesting love story.

All in all Curveball is a fantastic book. It’s well written, the story is engaging, and the characters superb. Another homerun from the king of YA fiction.

9 out of 10


Publisher: Scholastic Press

Published: March 1, 2012

Price: $17.99

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