Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ghost Story: By Jim Butcher



When we last left the mighty wizard detective Harry Dresden, he wasn't doing well. In fact, he had been murdered by an unknown assassin.

But being dead doesn't stop him when his friends are in danger. Except now he has nobody, and no magic to help him. And there are also several dark spirits roaming the Chicago shadows who owe Harry some payback of their own.

To save his friends-and his own soul-Harry will have to pull off the ultimate trick without any magic...


If you’re at all a fan of the Dresden series then you were most likely shocked with the conclusion of Changes. With Harry shot and fading away, it seemed that there were few other places for the series to continue. Then with Butcher’s book of short stories We see what the world is like after the events of Changes, but from the perspective of the strong willed and caring Murphy.

Now in Ghost Story we see Harry Dresden, Wizard for hire, in the after life. It turns out Harry must return back to world he just left in order to discover the truth behind his murder, or see his loved ones hurt themselves.

Ghost Story felt different from Butcher’s other books in the series. It’s much more about reflection and consequences than action and mystery. Besides Harry himself being a ghost the story itself dregs up a number of past references and enemies that fans of the series will not want to miss. So to help avoid missing these nuggets of reflection fans of the series, no matter their opinion on short stories should first pick up a copy of Side Jobs, as some of the characters referenced in Ghost Story are only seen in the short stories collected in Side Jobs, including Harry’s first mentor as a detective.

Besides changing the pace of the series, Ghost Story acts as the link between a the old and the new piece of this series. I’m curious how Butcher will cultivate this new section of the series and how much of the lovable band of characters will cross over into Harry new world. But one thing is for sure, Ghost Story is a fantastic book, and should be enjoyed by everyone.

10 out of 10


Publisher: Roc Hardcover

Published: July 26, 2011

Price: $27.95

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