Friday, April 15, 2011

Dark Jenny: By Alex Bledsoe



Alex Bledsoe’s novels featuring detective Eddie LaCrosse have drawn rave reviews for their ingenious blend of classic fantasy and hard-boiled detective fiction. Now with Dark Jenny, Bledsoe returns with an all-new tale of intrigue and murder. . . .

For twenty-five gold pieces a day, plus expenses, Eddie LaCrosse will take on most any case. But the unexpected delivery of a coffin in the dead of winter forces LaCrosse to look back at a bygone chapter in his past—and the premeditated murder of a dream.

Ruled by the noble King Marcus Drake, the island kingdom of Grand Braun is an oasis of peace and justice in an imperfect world. At least until the beautiful Queen Jennifer is accused of adultery and murder. In the wrong castle at the wrong time, Eddie finds himself drafted at sword’s point to solve the mystery. With time running out, and powerful nobles all too eager to pin the murder on Eddie himself, he must untangle a tangled web of palace intrigues, buried secrets, and bewitching women—before the entire kingdom erupts into civil war.


Part of the reason I love Eddie LaCrosse so much is the easy nature of the writing. You feel like your listing to a close friend (who also happens to be a great story teller and sarcastic) tell a story while sitting in a pub, instead of reading about it while safe in your room.

In Dark Jenny Bledsoe does a fantastic job bringing a different spin on the Arthurian legend. Readers will love reading this darker spin as well as the mystery element. But most of all readers will love the characters (especially Eddie.

Eddie is charismatic, fun, and smart, but most of all he is just plain engaging. He makes the story fun and different, and between that, the unique spin on King Arthur, and the fast pace of the novel Dark Jenny is a great book readers will love.

8.5 out of 10


Publisher: Tor Books

Publishing: March 29, 2011

Price: $14.99

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