Thursday, September 9, 2010

Immortal Beloved: By Cate Tiernan



Nastasya has spent the last century living as a spoiled, drugged-out party girl. She feels nothing and cares for no one. But when she witnesses her best friend, a Dark Immortal, torture a human, she realizes something's got to change. She seeks refuge at a rehab for wayward immortals, where she meets the gorgeous, undeniably sexy Reyn, who seems inexplicably linked to her past.

Nastasya finally begins to deal with life, and even feels safe--until the night she learns that someone wants her dead.


I have to say Immortal Beloved is not for everyone.

I personally feel like I was not the target audience, but I think I know a lot of people who would fit the description for the target audience.

That said the narration was not bad, in fact I felt like the tone of the protagonist was fun and interesting to read. There was mystery and excitement in the plot and readers legitimately will be curious in what was going to happen.

But (and again I mention I don’t think I was the target audience), but I felt like it was filled with to much drama for me. Especially whenever the character Reyn was mentioned (which was quite a bit.)

All in all Immortal Beloved has some secrecy, mystique, and even some action. But at other times it felt slow, overly dramatic, and a little bit like a teenage soap opera. Granted if you feel like a book that’s part Twilight part Degreassi then you’ll love Immortal Beloved.

7 out of 10


Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Published: September 7, 2010

Price: $16.99

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